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Have a Safe Halloween 👻

My kiddos LOVE Halloween. The idea of getting to dress up, knock on peoples door and get free candy, literally blows their mind every time! As a fifth year Halloween veteran, I know that as much fun as it is, it can also be dangerous too! Here's a few tips and tricks I've picked up over the years to ensure a fun night had by all!
  1. It starts with the costume                                                                                                                                                                                                      The kiddos LOVE dressing up, maybe putting on some face paint and really getting into character! Often, there are multiple opportunities to wear the costume before the actual day, so let's check a few things. Are the costumes/garments/wigs fire resistant? There will be lit candles and jack o lanterns around and long accessories or costumes can prove dangerous when children are crowding a front porch. Look for fire resistant costumes, wigs and accessories to avoid the potential hazard. Long gowns, tails that drag or other loose/off the body items should be avoided with young children. An ill-fitting or hard to contain costume can become frustrating for a child even if it was loved at first! Let's make sure that the costume doesn’t pose a tripping hazard.                                                                                               
  2. Makeup is not all made the same!

    A lot of little ones have sensitive skin. Look for non toxic face paints and makeup and always make sure to fully remove any makeup before bed. It also helps to limit the amount of time it actually sits on the face. Perhaps skip the full face for school and wait until you're ready to go trick or treating before really doing it up! 
  3. With little ones, be prepared for BIG emotions.

    There is so much excitement and build up to Halloween day and trick or treating. But as we know, sometimes the build up ends in utter let down and the day is just not what you thought. Halloween in public can actually be scary, especially for young children. The elaborate house decor, adults in costumes jumping out of bushes for can be overwhelming and frightening. A conversation about what your child could expect to see and hear plus reassurance that things are only pretend, might be helpful. Prepare to have an early night, without any judgement, in case your littles decide, the night might be too much this year. 
  4. Traffic Safety, time for a review!

    In one ear and out the other, especially with the excitement of the holiday. The consequences of which, can be deadly. Did you know that children have a greater risk of being fatally injured by a car on Halloween than any other day? So let's take this opportunity, no matter how repetitive it is, to go over traffic safety and rules, even for our older kids.
  5. Make sure you can see your child.

    Halloween costumes are often dark. Light it up by giving your child glow sticks, a small flashlight, head light or a reflective garment so you can keep track of them in the crowds and motorists can see them as well. 
  6. The Group stays together.

    Nothing like keeping track of multiple kids, even if all the parents are there. Remind your children to stick with the group, or their buddy, whether its a bunch of friends or just the family. Older children going out, should have their cellphones ( if they have one) charged in case of an emergency.
  7. If the house ain't lit, don't go to it!

    This was the main rule of my trick or treating days! Remind your kiddos to stick to the lit or decorated houses. NEVER go inside a strangers house, no matter what! and for older kids, stay in the neighborhood.
  8. Skip the treats till the next day! This one s really for the parents but nothing like getting your sugar filled kid to bed and then up the next day for school... pack that treat for lunch and you're a hero! You're welcome.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween filled with fun! 

xo, Danniella

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