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About Olive Eve & Co


Hey beautiful human!

 First off, Thank you so much for taking an interest in this ever growing little shop of mine! Olive Eve & Co started humbly as a Subscription box for Parents with newborns! Back then, it was known as Knits & Dooodles. It started while I was  maternity leave as a first time mom and completely floored by the sheer amount of baby products that exist! Gadgets and gizmos A-plenty!

I love to shop but it was overdrive for my completely overwhelmed, hormonal and ppd self. I figured if I was googling "how to produce more breast milk?" and "what's the best baby bum cream", others were too.

 I wanted to simplify the process. I wanted to have fun and feel empowered in my choices as a mom! A subscription box that got delivered to your home with all the best goodies for you, your partner and your baby was an opportunity that no one else was taking up back then. But despite being an amazing experience and business, keeping up with a subscription base can be hard and making a choice to return to work, I couldn't do both.

 Even before that decision though, I was knee deep in teething season with my youngest and was on the hunt for a functional teether that wasn't beige, blue or pink or had a cartoon character on it. It would become my kids main accessory after all and I just wasn't finding anything I liked. Before the last K&D subscription boxes were shipped out, I already had my first line of teether clips ready. Taking inspiration from my children, Olive Eve & Co ( In case we had more kids) was born. I dove into creating teethers and teething products like Pram Garland that were safe, heirloom quality, functional and a lil nod to the colorfulness of Parenthood.

Through the seasons, I've made or curated Nursery room decor, scrunchies, blankets, Dance ribbons and birthday banners but the biggest leap was at the end of 2020. That's when I started adding some sensory play items starting with Play dough and resin letters sets. At the time, letter and word recognitions were starting with both of my daughters and it felt like a natural fit to share the joy of discovery I was having with them. Fast forward to today where my play line now goes by Love, Olive Play and I've been introduced to a whole new community of  Mamas who enjoy and share in my love for open ended, small world and sensory play! 

Since February 2019, every product is made by hand or curated from other small shops, who share the same mission. To empower Mamas, by creating products that are as magical as they are with purpose. It's Goods for Little Humans with their Mamas in mind ;)  Heirloom quality, sustainable, Play based goods. 

From this Mamas heart,